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Image by Thomas Lefebvre


We are  a small team of designers, innovators, academics, entrepreneurs and anthropologists. We have created disruptive innovations for global companies, accumulated a portfolio of over 50 patents, conceived and launched successful global companies and carried out internationally published research. We exist to make our clients stronger, by bringing exciting new thinking and our unique and proven approach to their challenges and their opportunities.  



& practical 

it's not just about delivering projects on time and on budget - creating something new and innovative should be exciting, interesting and fun! To do this, you have to be practical, take a common-sense approach, make the complex simple and work fast and smart.

Rigour &


Too often we see projects focus on outputs over outcomes and overcomplicated to justify fees or to demonstrate "smarts". This can work, but it is often wasted time and money - and nothing more than innovation theatre. We keep our projects lean, we don't delegate understanding and we aim for that sweet-spot between rigour AND relevance

Respect &


We don't think in terms of customers, users, stakeholders, clients or targets. We think in terms of people and the progress they are trying to make. We respect people; their time, money, deadlines, constraints, needs and goals, and we use this to motivate and inspire us.

Process &


Our process is the culmination of 20 years of practice and reflection, experimentation and delivery. We draw from diverse fields, from anthropology and psychology to behavioural science and design. Good process is notenough though, you need a little bit of magic to transform good into great!. 

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