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Image by César Couto


You want to explore where to play and how to win, align management and motivate and enable your team

Services include:

  • Developing rich stakeholder and market understanding to draw out compelling and actionable insight

  • Deep-dive into the company aspirations and capabilities to propose viable, desirable and feasible opportunities 

  • Qualitative research

  • Quantitative research

  • Data science

  • Data analytics

  • User research

  • Predictive modelling

  • Behavioural economics

  • Scenario planning

  • Market sizing and understanding

  • Segmentation

  • Digital ethnography

  • Insight for innovation

  • Need identification

  • Growth hacking

  • Opportunity identification, sizing and prioritization

  • Cultural insights

  • Customer journey mappin

  • Innovation testing

  • Volumetric forecasting

  • Price and proposition optimization

  • Shopper decision making


You want to explore opportunities for growth through radical product, service and business model innovation.

Services include:

  • Exploring and mapping new and existing markets for innovation opportunity

  • Full cycle innovation project from strategic gap analysis to validation and delivery. Designed to help you answer critical business questions faster.

  • Evidence-based decisions through experimentation

You want to build an innovation capability across the organisation, team or key individuals.


  • Concept crafting

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Strategy development

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand stretch

  • Brand building innovation

  • Concept development and visualization

  • Commercialization and operational analysis

  • Online co-creation

  • Digital workshopping

  • Product development

  • Portfolio development

  • Innovation roadmaps

  • Service integration

  • Brand / product / service development

  • Tech discovery

  • Scenario planning

  • Workshop design and facilitation (online and offline)

  • Ways to win

  • Jobs to be done

  • Service blueprints

  • Prototyping

  • Product blueprints

  • Creative blueprints

  • Comms guidelines

  • Innovation guidelines

  • Scenario strategies

  • Playbook creation

  • Internal engagement programs

  • Design, film and content

  • Client training

  • Action planning

  • Workshop facilitation

Services include:

  • Development of engaging and tailored workshops and programmes to build foundational innovation capability in your team

  • Guidance and mentoring of senior management 


Each tight deadline was met and the team showed the highest level of commitment to our project, facilitating workshops, ethnographic interviews, surveys and an anthropological approach through to stakeholder debriefs and presentation all within just a couple of weeks.

The output from Actionable is hugely valuable and has been used across our business in shaping our strategy while also integrating successfully into the future roadmaps for our activity.”


Orla Caffery

Marketing Communications Manager

Vhi Healthcare

Recent activity


We would love to share more of what we are working on, but due to the sensitive commercial nature of our projects, we cannot at this time. For now, here is a high-level selection of ongoing and recent work.

  • Actionable are currently working with the HSE on a number of exciting strategic Initiatives to build innovation capability across frontline staff. Launching Q1 - Q4 2021

  • We are in the process of launching an innovative new sports product with a global sports brand - Launching Q3 2021

  • We are researching, designing and developing a new inclusive  healthcare venture - Launching Q4 2021

  • We have commenced an innovation project focused on identifying customer needs in the Covid era for one of Irelands largest property developers - Ongoing

  • We are currently in the final stages of delivering an ambitious, interreg funded programme designed to build design innovation capacity across Irish SMEs -​ Enterprise Ireland 

  • We recently facilitated the workshops working towards developing an all Ireland Biobank - IntertradeIreland 

  • We recently worked with VHI to carry out in-depth ethnographic research, develop market insight and develop a number if innovative health insurance related propositions. ​

  • Designing the transition to Higher Education for students from underrepresented groups - Maynooth University

  • Building innovation capability in the world's most successful FDI unit - IDA

  • Understanding the cancer journey and developing a new charity- OvaCare

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